Industry days

Oct. 12-13th (Thu & Fri)

  • Digital Entertainment Conference

  • Two-day career Fair

  • Networking & Matchmaking

  • Unforgettable Afterparties

Play DAY

Oct. 14th (Saturday)

  • Game tournaments

  • Esports

  • Gaming beyond the screen

  • For friends and family

Future of

The UNWRAP Industry Days bring together professionals in the game, music, film and media industry. The Digital Entertainment Conference showcases the latest trends in games, music, film, media and -moreover- the untapped potential of their crossovers. The career fair connects job seekers with companies on the look-out for skills, while networking events are the seed of awesome collaborations. Add afterparties and concerts to that mix and you'll have the ideal setting for industry professionals to unwind while working hard on their future projects.

UNWRAP Play Day is dedicated to gaming enthusiasts and their friends and family. It features game tournaments, esports competitions, and interactive experiences beyond the screen. Participants can witness intense battles, cheer for favorite players and teams, and explore the broader impact of gaming in entertainment and education. Play Day fosters fun, bonding, and shared experiences through the universal language of gaming.


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